Magic Happens.

I've been on leave. 
So it seems. Last November was the last time I hit these here keypads... this happens. Happens every year. I take a drop off the techno and get back to the roots. 
Countless new endeavours have arisen in my life- all seemed to bombard me in the same few months time- I'm just now coming up for air to process and place these happenings. 
A little help came by way of Mexico. My love and I took 2 weeks to escape, and we did just that. 
A place where nothing is impossible, where new instruments are strummed, new chords are hummed, new applications and implications revealed. This is heaven. Pure bliss. As soon as the guards are down, something magical happens. You have freed yourself of all expectation and distant memories, and for me, I ran as a 10 year old girl again, wild and free, through the Pacific shores of Mexico. 1 bag, 4 books, and the love of my life beside me.
Sending you all love and happiest of days. 




November is here.
I'm dancin in my socks, sans pants... big sweater hanging low.. fireplace a roarin.
Ahh yes, Fall is official. Holidays are coming... and I'm sliding back and forth on our wood floor on wooled feet warmers with The Band as my backdrop.
Life is good... Ladies (and Gents)... Life is good.
It's about this time.... yes... every time, every year... that I start the search for all things Chunky.
The winds come, the rains drizzle, and I... I wrap up tight in large knits. Larger the better, chunkier is preferred. November, time to get heavy.


I'm Not Afraid Of Anything But Fear Itself.

"...There's a million membranes to break through..."

The Queen B of Rock n' Roll, of lyrical riff, of poetry that has you thinking harder and laughing louder and smirking stronger than those standing next to her would enable. She defines herself, by herself... strong and confident... and past the I don't give a fuck attitude... right next to it perhaps... lies purpose and belief. Lives so short should be full of purpose, if nothing else.
A weekend reminder of what badass, genuine, intelligent, true-to-yourself, creative... fearless... what this all looks like. 
Also... she loves Bob Marley. 
Happy Friday loves.
- Break on through to the other side.... 

xx Amy


If My Word Is To Be True...

These beautiful souls bring it again. 
Just bought the new album. 
Happy is as happy does. 

xx Amy


By Light and Dark...

A few shots taken during the lighter times of day, when you feel like "ahh, I got all day", when truly... well, you don't. 
Before one can wrap a head around that (let alone your own), night has begun its fall... day has done its dance over the hills...and you are still there pondering on. 
My golden hour ritual walks with Jhuma the dog and my Love leave me fresh for a good nights rest and easy breathing. Really, take a stroll every night for a week at sundown... what a difference that jaunt makes. Fall is here, leaves beneath the feet.. and that crunch crunch noise just feels right. 

Digs in order:
Embroidered Top: Tiger lily 
High Waisted Denim/Lennon Glasses/Jewelry: Vintage
Printed Maxi Dress: Kanako Print Maxi
Tall Buckle Boot: Vintage

xx Amy

Oh! still wishing it wasn't final...

Please check out this incredible band Lucius... and this equally wicked single. Its reeeeal good.